How to Use Hot Chocolate Dispensers

A. Installation 1 Remove the dispenser from the packaging. (This should be kept for any future requirement)
2 Check the dispenser has not been damaged during transport. The forwarding agent must be notified immediately of any claim.
3 Install the dispenser on a counter top that will support its weight, even with a full load.
4 Before connecting the dispenser electrically check that the voltage (in the network) is as shown on the data plate. Plug the unit into a grounded, protected single phase electrical supply according to the applicable electrical codes and the specifications of your machine. If you want to make a fixed connection to the network, connect the cord to a bipolar wall breaker with a contact gap of at least 3mm(0.125”). not use
extension cords to connect the unit electrically.5. The dispenser does not leave the factory presanitized and sanitized. Prior to use it must be disassembled, cleaned and sanitized according to the instructions of hot Chocolate Dispenser

1 Clean and sanitize the dispenser prior to use following the instructions
2 Fill the bowl with product, prepared according to the instructions of the manufacturer.
3 Install the cover above the container making sure that it is placed correctly.
4 Set the control switch (see charter 5.1. COMMAND DESCRIPTIONS)
5 The dispenser should always operate with the cover installed in order to prevent possible
contamination of the product.
6 The dispenser must run without interruptions; heating will stop automatically when the
product is ready for dispensing. The mixing device will continue to operate.
7 The dispenser is supplied with a container with a closed removable bottom to facilitate cleaning
and sterilisation.