How to buy chocolate fountain

Commercial fountains are designed for use in professional environments such as catering,Cafe shops. These fountains are normally constructed of food-grade stainless steel and are quite durable. Depending on the CFO chocolate fountain size, commercial chocolate fountains may hold as much as 20 pounds of chocolate. Originally,chocolate fountains consisted of multiple tiers that formed curtains of chocolate such as for example CF32A Model.Chocolate fountains provide an interactive centerpiece that brings guests together and creates a fun yet sophisticated atmosphere. Fountains can benefit every aspect of your catering or restaurant business, and are a great option for home entertaining as well. At any venue, attendees appreciate the options of fruit and desserts that fountains provide, kitchen staff are able to concentrate on other courses more thoroughly and the host is able to quickly and easily restock with chocolate and dipping items. The stunning presentation and versatile appeal of fountains have made them a popular choice for weddings, holiday parties and other festive galas.Here you will learn:
What size fountain is best for you
What kind of chocolate to use
Size Your Chocolate Fountain
The size of your chocolate fountain is an important consideration when purchasing one for your home or business. In order to create a smooth and continuous curtain, all fountains require a minimum amount of chocolate. Too little will cause an uneven flow and can burn your chocolate. Too much will overflow your fountain and could damage the motor. If your catered events or home gatherings are typically smaller, a large fountain will be unrealistic and cause unnecessary waste. Similarly, small fountains will be impractical for large gatherings, since you will need to continuously refill the chocolate.

How to buy Chocolate Fountain? Please
Follow this chart to get an idea of what size will benefit your home or business best:
Minimum Capacity (Kgs) Maximum Capacity (Kgs) Serves Approximately Fountains
1.5                                                   2            20 guests          CFO Fountains CF23A 4 tiers
2                                                      4         20-50 guests       CFO Fountains CF30A 5 tiers
4                                                      6        50-100 guests      CFO fountains CF33A 6 tiers
5                                                      7       100-150 guests       See Our fountains on Shop
5                                                      8      100-250 guests       See Our fountains on Shop