Hot Chocolate Machine Instruction

Chocolady or ChocoFairy Hot Chocolate Machine IM
Before the hot chocolate machines may be started up for the first time,specialized tech-nical personnel must check that it functions properly.

To Start up the machine carry out the following steps:
1.Make sure that the main switch is set to off
2.take off the lid
3.fill the boiler tank with water using the boiler tank level indicator tray,untill it reaches the maximum value indicated on the tray itself,which is marked-MAX.
*Warning: fill the boiler tank by pouring in water slowly and check for a few seconds to make that the water level has reached the -MAX-level and that it is stable. (the water tank about hold 3.25 L water at one time)
4.remove the lid and pour the beverage/hot chocolate prepared according to the manufacturer’s instructions into the bowl;
5.never exceed the maximum level,which is marked-MAX-on the tray itself.
6.after pouring the product into the bowl,fit the lid back in place
7.make sure that the plug has been inserted into the mains socket the main switch to start the hot chocolate machine,the product inside the bowl will start to the mixed.
9.Set the thermostat to the required temperature to heat the product inside the bowl.

Dispensing the product
To dispense hot chocolate proceed as follows: a cup beneath the cup
2.Use the lever on the tap (the product is dispensed when the lever is pressed or pulled) until the required amount of product has been poured inside the cup
3.Gradually release the tap lever so that it returns to the standby position
4.if the product is especially thick,it is advisable to keep the rod pulled out at the maximum position;any clogging in the dispensino line may be removed by sliding the rod back and forth while keeping the machine
5.Never touch the bowl or lid while the hot chocolate machine is operating,since they are very hot,Always use the knob when moving the bowl lid.